the new CD of the Carlo Aonzo Trio
is... out !!!

We worked very hard in studio for recording and editing our new Album "A Mandolin Journey" and the CD is now ready !
15 tracks of our arrangements of Mandolin classics and original stuffs.
We are releasing it ! Please stay tuned for any update.
It's a great CD, we are sure you'll like it.

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If you want to buy the CD, you can also contact us at carloaonzotrio@gmail.com

The Carlo Aonzo

With guitarist
René Izquierdo
A musical journey from the Italian tradition to jazz, from classical music to bluegrass: from Europe to America and back...!
An entire album of mandolin and guitar music by Paganini

"At the age of five and a half, I learned the mandolin from my father".
With these words, in March of 1828, Niccolo’ Paganini tells his biographer Peter Lichtenthal about the beginning of his relationship to music. Only two years later he will learn, again from his father, “the first steps on the violin” and most likely it is during this period that he also studied the guitar...

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#mat2020: E' uscito "A Mandolin Journey", del Carlo Aonzo Trio...

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